Safe and Secure Alarms is a division of SASA – Sight and Sound Automation. Our 2 divisions have combined cutting-edge Automation technology to traditional alarm systems. By understanding the unique needs of our customers and the belief that alarm systems MUST do more, we design simple easy to use automated alarm systems that do so much more than just alarms. Have you ever had to let someone into your home or office, but you weren’t around to let them in? Forget to arm your system or turn off your lights? Not sure if you left the garage open? How about turn down your thermostat before going on vacation? Want alerts pushed directly to your phone every time your door or windows are opened? With today’s cutting-edge technology in alarms and automation you can be just as connected to your home when your away as if you’re sitting in your living room.

The home is where you feel safest so why not stay connected to everything in your home when you can’t be there? Prevent theft, fires, floods and any other emergencies with early detection. Why wait to come home to a disaster when you can know immediately what is happening in and around your home, minimizing the loss or damage to what matters most to you.

Simple to use app allows you to program your own scenes and automated events with the connected devices in your home or office. Want to add more connected devices to your system? Easy DIY devices you can add and program to the system without having to pay for costly installation services or let us install and program your automation devices. Need security cameras? We have integrated cameras with our smart alarm system or we have robust stand alone security camera systems for your home and office. We service the GTA, Vaughan, Brampton, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Kleinberg, King City and surrounding areas

What makes SASA unique for you


With every Control4 automation system SASA Sight and Sound Automation has a unique approach to integrating all your audio visual, lighting, security and media products.


Our team is constantly looking for the latest technology to keep our solutions cutting edge. Integrating your electronic world into one system to building custom media servers to deliver uncompromising rich media to your connected home.


Our dedication to delivering a user experience that will WOW our customers. Focused on eliminating cumbersome tasks from your everyday life. Making your home work for you.


With ever changing technologies and improvements there is always room to adapt and evolve. Don’t worry we have you covered.

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